Exclude from auto optimization

Exclude from auto optimization option for images

TinyPNG в список серверов для обработки

Additional traffic of up to 500 images per month from the TinyPNG service

Add conversion to Avif

The AV1 Image format, or AVIF, is the latest image codec on earth. AVIF is an optimized image format which was created to make our images smaller while keeping the same quality (lossless). The file extension for AVIF is .avif.

Support WEBP file format

the New google format is awsome for webpages it loads fast and great image quality.

Different compression levels for different bandwidth speeds

Automatically serve different levels of compression depending on the bandwidth of the end user.

php coder

a pluging allwes you to work and control websites that made with php

Convert PNG to JPG + Choose background

When using the compression tool, the PNG images are not compressed much (even though i used the high setting) – Would be cool if it could convert to JPG for lower image sizes.

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