Robin imagе optimizer

Make your WordPress site blazingly fast and rank higher in search engines.

Robin image optimizer is a free WordPress plugin to optimize and compress images.

Our plugin uses an intelligent optimization mode to reduce the size of JPG and PNG images up to 80%. Reducing the size of images is possible due to the selective decreasing of colors and removing EXIF-data. Despite the great economy in terms of the image size, the image quality remains pretty much the same.

If you have many images on your website, this plugin will help you to make the website 50% faster.

Unoptimized VS Optimized by Robin

Our algorithms will reduce the weight of your images without sacrificing their quality. See the difference!

Robin will help you reach perfection

The truth is that users add a lot of graphic elements to make website pages stand out. The page profiling shows that images occupy the heavy part of the web-page weight.

That is why many users have to choose between a pretty appearance and fast page speed.

It’s time to change that! Our team thinks that you should stop choosing between the beauty and the speed. Just let us handle this. 

Speed up your websites

By reducing the size of your images, you will improve SEO, decrease the bounce rate and get more loyal clients.

Save time

Save your time on image optimization. Our plugin will do all the optimization work for you.

Don't sacrifice quality

Optimize images without quality loss. Your images will be light and beautiful.

Why Should You Optimize A Website?

Year by year, search engines become smarter and create new requirements for website owners. For example, if your website is too slow, Google will rank it lower. Slow websites not only ruin all SEO but also cause losing mobile traffic. 

Optimize your website

Images take up to 50% of the overall web-page size. Image optimization helps to reduce the page size and speed up your website.

Increase user engagement

A fast website motivates users to stay longer on the page.

Increase your traffic

Search engines can easily index your website. That’s how you’ll improve SEO and get extra points in search results positions.

Watch your conversions rise

More traffic from search results brings less bouncing rate. It means more interested clients, more subscriptions, and sales!

Here's what our users think of Robin


All reviews are gathered on our official repository. You can be sure that the reviews are real. More than 60,000 users love our plugin. Any doubts? Check the plugin page in the official repository and see for yourself!

It works as it should. Great!

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A great free alternative to paid plugins

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This optimises images very well with 3 levels available. It also has a great UI that puts a lot of paid-for options to shame.

Perhaps the Best Image Optimizer

Review on
After having tried several optimizers, I can say that this is one of the best. Better even than some payment solutions. I only miss a button to erase the error log.


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I stumbled across this plugin looking for a different image optimization plugin and I must say I really love this plugin. This is a hidden gem.

Our features will make your life easier

Robin image optimizer + Clearfy

If you worry about the website speed and greater performance, make sure to combine Robin image optimizer and Clearfy.
Clearfy helps to combine, reduce, or disable JS and CSS resources. It also fixes typical mistakes made by aspiring webmasters and gives greater scores on Page Speed Insights.

Simple & User-Friendly Interface

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